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We will find the best date/time/location for you. Please note, other services usually offer you a very limited choices, limited selections of locations (and some even no selection, but just offer you to book appointment in a week for any location in GTA). We are proud to offer you unlimited freedom, you can put any reasonable restriction on date/time and location and we will try to book you appointment no one else can book for you!)

All you need to do is to tell us where (DriveTest location) and when would you like to book your city road test (G2 or G1 exit) or highway road test (G or G2 exit). Your appointment will be scheduled in Ministry of Transportation (MTO) booking tracking system, we will provide you with official receipt with your booking confirmation number. And you good to go for your road test at your selected DriveTest center and at your preferred time! Saturday road test appointments at selected DriveTest centers are available!

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